Why should I follow this training?

You may wonder "What's in it for me?". Well, the PECOS4SMEs e-Commerce system is especially designed to tackle common e-Commerce related challenges, SMEs face on their efforts to create revenue on local markets and abroad.

The training methodology on which the Genie was developed upon, derived from elaborate research in seven countries. The research identified common problems SMEs confront, both in countries where e-Commerce is an advanced form of trade and in countries where e-Commerce is still in a transitional phase.

Moreover the PECOS4SMEs training system is ideal for the following reasons:
  • All free training material in six European languages (EN, NL, IT, GR, PL, FR)
  • Training material that covers all the e-Commerce stages from Ordering to Promotion
  • Ability to prioritize and filter e-Commerce practices suited to your needs
  • Personalised e-Commerce strategy based on your individual characteristics
  • Multiple e-Commerce related sources of information.